WFC Insurance

Phone: (800) 446-2667
Fax: (385) 351-8372
Claims (385) 351-8010
Claims Fax: (385) 351-8167

WFC Corporate Headquarters
100 W Towne Ridge Pkwy
Sandy, UT 84070
(385) 351-8000 (call or text)

WCF Insurance includes the following companies:

WCF Mutual Insurance Company
WCF National Insurance Company

Founded in 1917, WFC offers worker’s compensation and business owner’s insurance policies. WCF Insurance is the brand name for both WCF Mutual Insurance Company and WCF National Insurance Company. WCF Mutual Insurance Company is a mutual insurance company domiciled and licensed in Utah. WCF National Insurance Company, formerly known as Advantage Workers Compensation Insurance Company, is a stock insurance company domiciled in Utah and licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. WCF National Insurance Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WCF Mutual Insurance Company. Both companies hold an A rating with AM Best. They have five claims offices that are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada. Both companies are headquartered at 100 W Towne Ridge Pkwy, Sandy, UT 84070.

The cost of a workers’ compensation policy depends on several factors, including business location, business size, payroll, type of work, and claims history. Most state laws require that business owners who have employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. Each state has different requirements. Coverage is divided into two parts (A) workers’ compensation insurance and (B) employer’s liability insurance. Part A covers medical expenses and reimburses employees for wages lost as a result of work-related accidents. Part B protects employers from lawsuits brought against them by employees who were injured in job-related incidents.

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