RiverStone provides a broad range of complementary run-off services and management support. Its insurance experts are available to provide consultation relating to all aspects of claims, reinsurance, and litigation management as well as general matters such as due diligence reviews, forensic accounting reviews, and staff training. In addition, RiverStone is prepared to acquire or service insurance or liability portfolios in a variety of ways, depending upon customer needs. The runoff business comprises the U.S. runoff group and the European runoff group. The U.S. runoff group includes TIG Insurance Company, Fairmont Premier Insurance Company, Fairmont Specialty Insurance Company, Fairmont Insurance Company, General Fidelity Insurance Company, Valiant Insurance Company, Valiant Specialty Insurance Company and Clearwater Insurance Company. At year-end 2012, the runoff group had combined shareholders' equity of US $1,773.9 million, and had 182 employees in the U.S., located primarily in Manchester, New Hampshire, and 103 employees in its offices in the United Kingdom. RiverStone is led by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nick Bentley. Nick has been with Fairfax since 1998. Visit RIVERSTONE RESOURCE GROUP LLC for more information about the RiverStone Group.

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