Shelter Insurance Group

1-800-SHELTER or 1-800-743-5837

Shelter Insurance Companies
1817 W. Broadway
Columbia, MO 65218

The Shelter Insurance Group includes the following companies:

AmShield Insurance Company
Say Insurance
Shelter General Insurance Company
Shelter Life Insurance Company
Shelter Mutual Insurance Company
Shelter Reinsurance Company

Shelter Insurance, a property casualty insurance company, was founded in 1946, in Missouri, as MFA Mutual Insurance offering auto insurance. Today the Shelter Insurance Group of Companies has expanded to 21 states. Products are sold by agents in 15 states. They are a mutual insurance company, which means they are owned by policyholders rather than stockholders, and governed by a Board of Directors. Shelter offers auto and home insurance in addition to several other insurance products including: Life Insurance, Renters Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, RV Insurance, ATV Insurance, Boat Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Personal Articles/Inland Marine Insurance, Farm Insurance, and Business Insurance.

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