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Regis Insurance Company is a regional, commercial insurance carrier located in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Regis offers coverage for the following types of businesses: Food & Recreation, Contractors, Restaurants, Residential Roofers, Apartments, Bakeries, Interior Carpenters, Bed & Breakfasts, Pizza Shops, Door & Window Installers, Condo Associations, Convenience Stores, Mason Contractors, Retail Stores, Ice Cream Stores, Drywall/Plaster Contractors, Strip Shopping Centers, Taverns, Interior Painters, Landlords (Lessor's Risk), Miniature Golf Courses, Paper Hangers, Motels/Hotels, Car Washes, Landscape Contractors, Bingo Halls, Bowling Centers, Siding Contractors, Small Vacant Buildings, Social Clubs, Tree Trimmers, Grocery Stores, Caterers, Gutter Installers, Florists and other types of business and commercial insurance.

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