Welcome to Claims Numbers.com. Are you looking for insurance quotes? In addition to helping people find fast, accurate contact information for insurance companies we also help people find great rates for insurance. Quotes for auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, pet insurance and business insurance are just a click away. When shopping for insurance you must compare prices from a variety of companies. The same coverage for a policy can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year! Do not let the big companies and their million dollar advertising campaigns deceive you.

Huge Differences in Rates are Found in the Following Insurance Policy Types:

Auto Insurance (Mandated in all 50 states, the same coverage for the same driver can vary up to 1000%!

Health Insurance (It is often cheaper to find coverage independent of your employer.)

Life Insurance (The same term, face value and everything else being equal can vary significantly.)

Homeowners Insurance (Be sure you are comparing apples to apples and do not overpay!)

Business Owners Insurance (Protect yourself and your business from lawsuits arising from your business operations. These premiums vary widely.)

Pet Insurance (Save yourself from the exorbitant vet bills that often arise from a sick pet. A small monthly fee can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.)