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OneMain Solutions

OneMain Solutions

(800) 307-0048

PO Box 2548 Ft. Worth, TX 76113

AHL–formerly Sears Life: (800) 440-8610

OneMain Solutions is a family of insurance companies with over 70 years of experience with licensed agents in nearly 1,600 locations nationwide. OneMain Solutions is comprised of four insurance companies:

  • American Health and Life Insurance Company (AHL)
  • Merit Life Insurance Co. (Merit)
  • Triton Insurance Company (Triton)
  • Yosemite Insurance Company (Yosemite)

American Health and Life Insurance Company is a life and health underwriter for credit insurance offered through OneMain Financial.  AHL was originally known as Cavalier Life Insurance Company. AHL is licensed in 49 states, as well as the District of Columbia.

Merit Life Insurance Co. is a stock company incorporated in 1957 in Evansville, Indiana. Merit is an Indiana domiciled life and health insurance company currently licensed in 48 states. Merit writes credit life, credit disability insurance, term life and disability income insurance.

Triton Insurance Company is a property and casualty underwriter for credit insurance offered through OneMain Financial. Triton was originally known as Voyager Guaranty Insurance Company. Triton is licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Yosemite Insurance Company is a stock company domiciled in Indiana. Yosemite is a property and casualty insurance company licensed in 46 states. Yosemite principally writes or reinsures credit involuntary unemployment insurance and lender-placed insurance.

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