FCCI Midwest Regional Office (317) 571-3000 or (800) 824-2513

FCCI Southeast Regional Office (678) 441-9786 or (800) 805-3737

FCCI Gulf Coast Regional Office (601) 366-1161 or (800) 530-7800

FCCI Florida Home Office (941) 907-FCCI (3224) or (800) 226-FCCI

FCCI began as a workers’ compensation self-insurance fund in 1959. FCCI writes business in 15 contiguous states. FCCI provides comprehensive property and casualty insurance coverage for the commercial business owner. They sell their insurance products through a network of independent agents who share their commitment to excellence and customer service.

FCCI includes: FCCI Insurance Company, FCCI Commercial Insurance Company, Monroe Guaranty Insurance Company, National Trust Insurance Company, FCCI Advantage Insurance Company, and Brierfield Insurance Company and their affiliated companies.

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