Employers Holdings, Inc

Customer Service Center (888)682-6671
Injured Employee Hotline (855)365-6010

10375 Professional Circle
Reno, Nevada 89523

Insurance is offered through several subsidiary companies including:

Employers Assurance Company
Employers Compensation Insurance Company
Employers Insurance Company of Nevada
Employers Preferred Insurance Company
Cerity Insurance Company

Employers Holdings, Inc. is an insurance holding company with subsidiaries that are specialty providers of workers’ compensation insurance and services. They are focused on select, small businesses engaged in low-to-medium hazard industries. The Company operates throughout the United States, with the exception of four monopolistic states. Insurance is offered through Employers Insurance Company of Nevada, Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Employers Assurance Company, and Cerity Insurance Company. All companies are rated A- (Excellent) by the A.M. Best.

In November 2008, Employers Holdings Inc. acquired AmCOMP Incorporated. The transaction was valued at approximately $223.5 million including the assumption of debt. AmCOMP Assurance Corp. and AmCOMP Preferred Insurance Co. were subsidiaries of AmComp Corp at the time of the acquisition.

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