AmTrust Financial Services, Inc

Customer Service: (877)528-7878
Claims: (888)239-3909

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.
59 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-220-7120
Fax: 212-220-7130

The following affiliated property and casualty insurance carriers provide coverages for AmTrust:

AmTrust Insurance Company
AmTrust International Underwriters Designated Activity Company
AmTrust Underwriters Inc.
ARI Insurance Company (f/k/a ARI Mutual Insurance Company)
Associated Industries Insurance Company, Inc.
First Nonprofit Insurance Company
Milford Casualty Insurance Company (f/k/a Milwaukee Casualty Insurance Co)
Republic Underwriters Insurance Company
Republic-Vanguard Insurance Company
Rochdale Insurance
Security National Insurance Company
Sequoia Insurance Company
Southern County Mutual Insurance Company;
Southern Insurance Company;
Technology Insurance Company, Inc.
Wesco Insurance Company

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses across the United States. They have over 500,000 small commercial policies in force with nearly 6,000 employees. AmTrust offers customized coverage for over 350 eligible classes of business. The company is rated (A-) Excellent by AmBest. In 2018, the company went private and the common stock, formerly listed on the NASDAQ:AFSI) was delisted.

On April 18, 2016, AmTrust announced that it completed the purchase of Republic Companies, Inc. and its affiliates from Delek Group Ltd., andRepublic Insurance Holdings, LLC for $233 million.  Republic Group has a separate website, corporate office, and contact information.

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