American Agricultural Insurance Company

Phone: (847)969-2900 or (614)416-5000

Schaumburg Office
1501 E. Woodfield Road Suite 300 West
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Columbus Office
One Easton Oval Suite 580
Columbus, OH 43219-6010

American Agricultural Insurance Company, was incorporated in 1948 for the purpose of helping Farm Bureau insurance companies through cycles of profit and loss. They are a global provider of diversified reinsurance services for the Farm Bureau insurance companies and brokers in the U.S. and international marketplace. They have offices in Schaumburg, Illinois, and Columbus, Ohio and are rated A (Excellent) by AmBest. They are authorized by the US Department of Agriculture to offer federally-backed Multi-Peril Crop Insurance and federal livestock insurance products. The company is licensed or accredited/qualified in 48 states in the US. They rank among the world’s 50 largest reinsurance groups and do business on six continents.

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