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Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc. (AIHI) is a publicly-traded insurance holdings company.  Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc and its subsidiaries specialize in providing non-standard personal automobile insurance policies for individual consumers in targeted geographic areas. The company and subsidiary companies are licensed to write insurance policies in 39 states. The company also distributes insurance through two underwriting agencies and through approximately 5,000 independent agents or brokers in seven states.

They operate under the following company names:

Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc.

Affirmative Casualty Insurance Company

Affirmative General Agency, Inc.

Affirmative Insurance Company of Michigan

Affirmative Insurance Services, Inc.

Affirmative Services, Inc.

Affirmative Insurance Company

Affirmative Direct Insurance Company

Affirmative, LLC

Affirmative Insurance Group, Inc.

Affirmative Management Services, Inc.

Affirmative Underwriting Services, Inc.

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