ACA Financial Guaranty Corporation

Phone: 212-375-2000
Fax: 212-375-2100

International Corporate Center
555 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Suite B-302
Rye, NY 10580

ACA Financial Guaranty Corporation was founded in 1997, as a monoline bond insurance company and was licensed in 50 states and 5 territories and regulated by the Maryland Insurance Administration.

On August 8, 2008, in the wake of the US Subprime mortgage crisis, the Company and counterparties to its structured finance products reached an agreement on a restructuring plan for ACA. The plan, approved by the Maryland Insurance Administration, provided for settlement of the structured finance obligations and protection for ACA’s municipal policyholders. ACA operates as a runoff insurance company and focuses on actively monitoring its remaining insured municipal obligations.  As a runoff company, they are not permitted to write new policies or take on new obligations without the prior authorization of the Maryland Insurance Administration.

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